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A mollusk-hair hose runs out the window of my second-floor Harlem studio, joining via a cupeling flange to another then another, spilling out here.
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If ever there was a song that killed live, it is this one.

It’s kinda tricky to do, however, as there are many moving parts.

The last time it was performed we had six people, which filled it out pretty well: two guitars, violin, glockenspiel, drums, bass, + five doubling as singers.

Astute listeners will notice the basis of the song is lifted from Dillinger’s hit. I just changed the lyrics and switched it around a little. 

I was walking through Love City, USVI, when I overheard some DJ spinning this song on the street. I knew instantly this would be mine. He showed me the disk, which I bought from him, and started rearranging. By the time I was finishing the Dreamboat album, which in contrast is super spare, I was ready to burst out this one.Tribal War (Is Over)

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