Y5k Music

A mollusk-hair hose runs out the window of my second-floor Harlem studio, joining via a cupeling flange to another then another, spilling out here.
Much more at: www.year5000.bandcamp.com

I had this bassline going and going and going and I couldn’t stop playing it. All this chaos was going on in my head along with it. Thankfully it all transferred onto tape (we used magnetic tape back then). All the instruments are live, no digital samples. I had just bought the Glockenspiel and was so happy to get to use it. The trumpet is from a garage sale. 

This one really inspired the entire “SpaceDragon” record.

The first 100 physical copies of the album are called “Year 5000 Conspires the SpaceDragon.” After that it’s just "The SpaceDragon."

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