Y5k Music

A mollusk-hair hose runs out the window of my second-floor Harlem studio, joining via a cupeling flange to another then another, spilling out here.
Much more at: www.year5000.bandcamp.com

Another of those songs that explore dream wakefulness, maybe logic, the in-between worlds. this one is rather rock’n roll. There is another version in the make, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet.


Yellow, blue or green never mattered much to me, 
it’s the in-betweens where the colors meet, 
that’s where the magic happens. 
Mailbox on the hill nearly tilted off its stilt, 
but the coffee birds, yeah, they sleep there still. 
That’s where the magic happens. 
Entropic everything 
Excess makes the heart grow fonder. 
and when you humm that song to me, 
I can’t help but think of chief’n gonja 
Childhood never ends, always brings us back again, 
but the guilty gifts make the best of friends, 
that’s where the magic happens. 
the will to war retreats and I’m all balled up in my sheets, 
smearing letters with my finger tips, 
that’s where the magic happens. 
simply sitting here with you 
you’re difficult and true as you seem 
freezing cold holding hands, 
we plumbed this whole land 
that’s where the magic happens …

Like the rest of this record, it was written and recorded in Hong Kong. 

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